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We use state of the art equipment for every treatment in order to help diagnose and treat conditions with exceptional precision. We apply our knowledge using advanced technology to improve your oral health and give you the perfect smile.

We ensure availability of dental treatment in the event of a emergency visit. We bring together dental specialists you may need under one roof so you can avoid delays in treatment. The practice is conveniently located in New Westminster.

We deliver all your dental essentials in a seamless and friendly manner, from your first phone call, until the end of your treatment. Our friendly staff will ensure that you are well looked after.

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Fillings have come a long way since treatments of yesteryear when unsightly metal fillings were placed into all your decayed teeth. Modern dentistry now offers tooth-colored fillings made of durable resin that can be bonded to your teeth for a stronger, more natural-looking effect.

These composite fillings are virtually undetectable, and much more esthetically pleasing, requiring only a single appointment to create while curing your dental problem.

Although this is the chosen resin of today, our dental professionals do offer a variety of filling types, and are happy to discuss your options at the time of your appointment.

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Crowns are used in a variety of ways. Either to rebuild broken or decayed teeth, possibly to strengthen teeth, and/or of course to enhance the cosmetic appearance of a tooth or teeth. Crowns can be made out of various types of materials including: porcelain/ceramic, gold alloy, or a combination of both. As a dental restoration process, a crown is cemented into place, covering the portion of a tooth that lies above the gum line. As such, a dental crown becomes the tooth's new outer surface, creating a restored and secure smile.

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Porcelain veneers are porcelain “plates” placed over each individual tooth, bonded onto the front side of your teeth to create a picture perfect smile. Porcelain veneers are routinely used to correct discoloured, worn, chipped, or misaligned teeth, offering an individual a natural looking smile that can resist staining - keeping your pearly whites white and aligned at all times.

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If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, not only can it be a cause for a poor self-image, but it may be affecting your chewing and speaking as well. The good news about modern dentistry is that there are options to help restore your smile. Sometimes called a “fixed denture”, a bridge replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth, which helps maintain the shape of your face as well as alleviating the stress in your bite.

Depending on which type of bridge your dentist recommends, the success of your bridge depends on the foundation of its surrounding teeth. So it is very important to keep your remaining teeth healthy and strong, while benefiting from the esthetic solution a bridge offers to missing teeth..

Root Canal
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A root canal involves removing inflamed or damaged tissue from inside a tooth, then cleaning, filling and sealing the remaining space. As invasive as this might sound, it is important to repair these types of oral concerns to prevent losing the tooth entirely, and we have various types of sedation to suit your comfort level during such a procedure.

Full Mouth Reconstruction
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Full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation procedures are a result of various dental concerns, including: gum tissue displacement, uneven teeth or replacing missing teeth. The procedure is lengthy, and can often span several weeks due to the series of treatments required to get your teeth and/or gums to their optimal healthy state. In addition, you will need to wait until your tissues heal between each treatment, adding to the time-frame required. We are happy to discuss the various treatments and procedures that would best suit you.

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A tooth may need to be extracted if tooth decay has destroyed so much of your tooth that the dentist cannot save it.

In addition to tooth decay, you might need a tooth extraction due to gum disease or bone loss in the area around the tooth, because an emerging wisdom tooth has become impacted (trapped), or for other various orthodontic reasons. Although extractions are rare, it can and does happen. However, rest assured that we can easily replace the missing tooth in a variety of ways, so don’t hesitate to come in to discuss your options.

Wisdom Teeth
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Removing impacted wisdom teeth before the roots are fully formed, is usually a less involved procedure than waiting until complications and pain develop. Roots thicken with age, and become more firmly anchored to the jawbone. As such, if you wait until your wisdom teeth cause you trouble, the chances of risks and complications are higher.

Choosing to remove your wisdom teeth before they become impacted, requires regular dental visits throughout your later teen years and into your early 20’s, in order to monitor the growth of your wisdom teeth, and the potential need for their timely extraction.

Dental Implants
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Implant surgery often requires multiple stages, as it naturally requires great precision and preparation Implants can be utilized to support a dental bridge, or with dentures to increase the stability of their placement, as well as to reduce gum tissue irritation. They take approximately 3-4 months in the lower jaw, and 6 months in the upper jaw in order to integrate. Once integrated, it takes several visits to complete the restoration depending upon the complexity of the particular case. Despite the involvement of time, the end-result is optimal oral health care for years to come.

Gum Surgery
Gum treatment involves many different procedures depending on the severity of the gum (periodontal) problem. Gum treatment includes the cleaning of teeth, the cleaning of roots, surgery, grafting, or reshaping of the gums. It also includes specific training on diet and dental care regiments for the greatest benefit to the health of your gums and mouth.

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Intravenous (IV) sedation dentistry is used primarily for moderate to severe dental surgical procedures (i.e. wisdom teeth extraction), and for patients that want to be completely asleep during their dental treatment. The sedation drugs are administered intravenously to the patient, which allows you a deeper level of sedation in order for the patient to not be aware of the procedure. If you are an apprehensive patient, this will allow us to complete your necessary procedures in a pain-free capacity. .

General Anaesthesia (BEING "PUT COMPLETELY TO SLEEP") 

There are times when a request for general anesthetic or IV sedation services is made. This can be beneficial to people who have anxiety issues when it comes to getting their dental treatment done. In addition, it is also recommended for surgical extractions of wisdom teeth. Children often struggle with dental anxiety, and with multiple cavities being treated - they may also have their dental treatment completed under a general anesthetic. Children and adults alike can benefit from this option, and we are happy to discuss it with all our patients.

GA is available in our sister dental office at Burnaby Sedation Dental. For more information, please visit

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By using advanced 3-D computer-imaging technology, Invisalign is able to depict your complete treatment plan. From the initial position of your teeth to the final desired position. The Invisalign system is the virtually invisible way to straighten your teeth and achieve the perfect smile you have always dreamed of. By creating a series of clear aligners that are custom-made for your teeth, you will wear each aligner for about two weeks before being replaced by the next in the series, until the final position of your teeth is achieved. We determine your Invisalign treatment time based on your specific needs, but generally cases run from eight months to a year and a half.

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The Spa-Dent whitening process provides the maximum whitening benefit, in the least amount of time, with virtually no sensitivity. The revolutionary gel formulation is placed in the dual arch mouth trays, with the precise dosage of whitening material. Then, the unique blue and red LED light activates the gel, providing powerful whitening with cellular stimulation – all under the supervision of a dental professional. Hydroxyl radicals penetrate the tooth enamel to break down stains into progressively smaller particles. This process will penetrate but not harm or damage the tooth enamel, including caps, crowns and veneers. The effect whitens the whole “smile” area of a patient’s teeth. A safe and highly effective way to a whiter smile!

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BOTOX is a prescription medicine that is injected into your facial muscles in order to improve the look of moderate-to-severe frown lines between the brows. This is a temporary fix, but it allows for a reduced look to aging and a refreshed look overall. Our BOTOX treatments are always administered by a professional, and it is a great addition to one of our Spa-Dent procedure. Adding BOTOX to this treatment can have you walking away with a whiter smile, and a furrow-less face!


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